Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our First Class Poem!

ML Poets use all 5 senses to create a strong mental image!

Snowflakes snowflakes everywhere!!!

Drifting to the ground
like a ballet dancer.
a white blanket
covering the trees and grass.

feels icy and wet.
stinging my nose,
and freezing my toes.

tastes like a new season
and ... change.
no more summer!
lots of bundling 
and hot cocoa!

crunching feet.
snowblowers humming.
shovels scooping.
AND lots of snowdays!!!! :)

snowflakes snowflakes everywhere!!!!

by Ms. Johnson’s 3rd grade poets

Friday, December 20, 2013

Waterpark Trip - Dec. 19th!

LHS Choir Performs for us!

They put us all in the Christmas Spirit!!!!

The kids sang like crazy!

My daughter is in the pink.  She is an LHS Choir alumni and was helping our class make X-mas gifts this day!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ms. Johnson's Kids are AGAINST BULLYING!

We ended our week with the BEGINNING of our anti-bullying education!
We had a great discussion about what bullying looks like on the playground, and we
watched a movie called "Carissa Stands Strong," which teaches kids how to stand up to bullying!

Drama Club for Prowler Pride!

Drama Club shared a little skit on the various things they tried to be a part of but didn't
find success... football, soccer, dance, etc... "There is ALWAYS a place for you in the Drama Club!"
It was a POWERFUL message!!!

Key Club for Prowler Pride!

Key Club Shared All of Their Ideas To Make TRF a Better Place to BE!!!