Sunday, October 16, 2016

Watercolor Artists!

Volleyball - Prowler Pride!

The volleyball girls talked to us about homework ... they told the kids that no matter how late
they get home or how busy they are ... their homework has to be done if they want to continue playing!
We are hearing many great messages!

Swimming - Prowler Pride!

It is amazing how much we learn when we listen to our athletes talk about the hard work,
character, determination and stamina it takes to become a well balanced student/athlete/citizen!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I Am Somebody!!!

This is the poem that Lisa - mosaicist - read with the kids today! We are going to add
it to our Poetry Anthologies and create some verses of our own! LOVE THIS!!!

Lisa Arnold - Mosaicist!

Lisa Arnold ... my childhood friend ... mosaic artist ... volunteered in our classroom this morning!
She wanted to teach the kids that they can deal with grief or other emotions through art in a positive way!
She focused on two art terms ... contrast & tesserae! (Ask your kiddos what those mean!)
Her message was powerful! She talked as they created ... "You are somebody ... No matter what color, age, etc... "
"Don't let anyone ever tell you any different!" She shared a poem with them called ... I Am Somebody! We are
going to add it to our poetry anthology and create one of our own using it's pattern!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our Self-Portraits!


Anthony Fellman ...

Together as a class we read and talked about Anthony's obituary! Many of our classmates knew who he was and were deeply saddened! Young children often cope with death by sharing death experiences of their own ... friends, relatives & pets! We shared many stories and took the morning to grieve together! I am very proud of this class and the whole Challenger Family! We will continue to talk, grieve & work through this tragic accident together!

Stomp Out Bullying Week!

We had many discussions, watched many videos and enjoyed read-alouds to
help us become better at noticing, knowing what to do AND ... at "Stomping Out Bullying!" 

Flashlight Friday!

Thanks for sending flashlights! We had such a wonderful time, that I forgot to take pics! :(

Cross Country - Prowler Pride!

Dennis Warner!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Stomp Out Bullying!

We watched MANY videos today and had wonderful discussions on bullying!
We will continue throughout the week ... reading stories, watching videos and sharing real-life
events that kids have undergone ... to help us STOMP OUT BULLYING!

Book Fair Fun!