Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Book Fair FUN!!!

We had the opportunity to browse through the book fair this morning! We will  get to visit
tomorrow at 10:00 as well! The book fair is open every day this week for kids and families to shop!
All proceeds go back into Challenger ... last year a new sound system was purchased for each classroom to help
our kids hear better during teacher instruction ... in the years past, we've purchased new playground equipment!
Have you seen our new basketball hoops? The Book Fair proceeds don't stop there ... each classroom
receives MANY new read alouds, series books, and chapter books to improve our classroom libraries!

Girls Tennis for Prowler Pride!

3rd Grade is fortunate to get to participate in a program called Prowler Pride this whole year!
I'm in charge of inviting Fall, Winter, & Spring sports teams ... along with many other academic groups
to speak to all 3rd graders on Friday mornings about what it takes to be an athlete, what it takes to succeed,
how important grades are, how to be a team player, how to get involved, how important good character
is and so much more! It's a great learning experience for 3rd graders, staff & our high school presenters.
The teenagers love the opportunity to be role models and make positive connections with our kiddos!

Rotary Donates Dictionaries!

Each year the Rotary Club donates individual dictionaries to every 3rd Grader.
They also speak about getting involved and giving back to your community.
What a great gift! The kids really wanted to bring them home, but we'll use them throughout the
year and bring them home at the end of the year!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reading NWEA test!

The kids are working hard on their Reading NWEA test! This is a long and tough test!
Most kids have really been working hard and trying their best!

Meet Morgan our CAP student!

CAP  (Community Action Program) is a class at Lincoln High School where students can
explore different career opportunities & give back to their community!
We are VERY excited to get to have Morgan this whole semester for 1/2 hour each day!