Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Last Day of Art Adventure!

Stations of fun provided by Shelby Sorvig, our Art Adventure teacher ... Splatter painting,
bubbles, glitter chalk, football, & to top off the day ... build your own sundaes!
If you ever see Shelby, please thank her! Not only did she teach us a ton about artists & art, but
she always made it fun and bought everything with her own money! We will miss her!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

100% Club - Northeast Region!

We learned about Braille today from a VERY special guest!!

I can't miss a teaching opportunity! This special lady, Kari Hanson, was in our teacher's lounge today visiting her mom.
She was reading a book in braille. I asked her if she would come and talk to my class about how it feels
to be blind, a little about braille, and much more! The kids had tons of questions!
I CANNOT tell you what a valuable experience it was ... on a number of levels!!!