Monday, May 13, 2013

Bemidji Headwaters Science Center Fieldtrip

We had a great time today and learned a lot!  I am VERY proud of the kids!  
They were great listeners and friends and our day went so smoothly!! MANY of them stepped out of their comfort zone and held a snake... we've been talking about that quite a bit this year!
I want to challenge them to step out of their comfort zone as often as possible!
That's where true growth occurs!!!  And a GREAT BIG thanks to our AWESOME volunteers... 
Ruth Sodon, Stacey Wikert, Stacy Olson, Erica Srnsky, & Vanessa Wilebski!!

Seth is now a raptor! I hope his grandma & grandpa have some mice at home!

Catalina says, "I think it's constricting!" YIKES!

THIS IS A FAKE SMILE!!!  The Americorp worker said I should lead by example!

Tarantulas are DEFINITELY out of our comfort zone!  Aren't they brave?????


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