Friday, April 24, 2015


Tyce & Keaton showed us their wrestling moves!

Tabor played "Circus Capers" on the keyboard!

Nathan showed us his "4 Jacks" trick with Kasen assisting!

Layla sang "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift!

Hayden showed us how to make 1-2-3 cake in a cup & shared her recipe with the class!

Liza showed off her jump roping skills with Kora & Kailee assisting!

Kailee & Kora baked scrambled eggs in the microwave & shared them with the class!
They also brought their recipe to share!

Bralynne, Makenzie & Addison performed to "Hot-Hot-Hot!"

Isaiah & Logan showed us their special magic trick!

Teya showed off her hoola-hooping skills & even had two hoops going for awhile!

Chealyn demonstrated how to make homemade lip balm in the microwave!
She shared her recipe as well!

Ethan showed us a fun thing he does called "Scribble Scrabble!"

Maya & Alexus danced to "See You Again!"

Jacob showed us his handstand!

Brynn performed the "Cup Song" & incorporated gymnastics!

Kasen showed us how far he could hit a golf ball! I think the kids are still trying to find it! :)

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