Friday, May 12, 2017

Boy do we have TALENT!!!!

Rose taught us how to make 3D figures!

Joey and Landon taught us how to make slushies and we all got one!

And they made us cheese and crackers too!

You can guess what Ellie did! :)
Cheyenne made a volcano erupt!

Zayna, Austin, Kaidyn and Ayden told great jokes with background music!

Maddy taught us how to make origami butterflies!

Gunner and Gabe taught us about wrestling and showed their favorite moves!

Joey and Noah showed us some great baseball pitches and throws!

Cole showed us some hockey moves!

Kelsie danced to Juju on That Beat!

Brody showed us a neat egg and vinegar science experiment!

Elijah taught us how to make air hockey paddles!

Kaleigh had three hula hoops going at once!

Amery had 3 hula hoops going at once too!

Trevor showed us how to ride a Ripstick!

Randy taught us how to play soccer!

Jude taught us a Skittles science experiment!

Emilee and Hayden showed us how to make Jolly Rancher Eos!

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